Friday, December 14, 2012

The road less taken...

Cooper started the special needs preschool last month and he LOVES it!  I have to make him say "bye" to me in the lobby because he runs into the room as soon as we see his classroom.   He only goes until noon and his school is less than a quarter mile from our house so we just walk home from school if the weather is nice.   These pics are from a recent afternoon when it was like 67 degrees outside! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Coop and I recently had a free Sunday morning so we headed over to the zoo.  I don't know where everyone was because it was a really nice day and it seemed that we had the zoo all to ourselves!  We go to the zoo a lot but tend to stay away on the weekends to avoid crowds so I was surprised to have such a pleasant morning with the animals and my favorite wild man! 
The awesome thing about this zoo trip was that it was our first stroller free zoo trip.  Normally, he gets tired (kids with Hypotonia fatigue easily) and wants to ride but I thought I'd see how he'd do without it and he did awesome! 


I look overly excited to be riding the train and he looks barely impressed, lol..

Physical therapy graduation!

I should be ashamed of how far behind I am in posting on Cooper's life!  Your blog readers will be slammed with all my catch up posts in the next few days! 
One HUGE thing happened to Cooper last month and that was that he GRADUATED from physical therapy!!!  He's been going to PT once or twice a week since he was 6 months old!  He could only hold his head up for seconds at a time during tummy time when he started PT but now he's walking, running, climbing stairs, dancing and is full of energy! 
Cooper saying "bye" to Dr. Turtle :)

O' Christmas tree!

I love pinterest and spend way too much time during nap coming up with recipes, gift ideas, household remedies but my favorite thing to do on pinterest is come up with activities for Cooper!  I pinned this felt Christmas tree in March so I was super excited to finally make it for him! 
Our felt tree is not nearly as fancy as other trees that I've seen on other blogs but it serves it's purpose, lol...
He loves it!

Christmas fun!

A few weeks ago, we went to a Christmas festival that included cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, a candy cane hunt and a very brutal game of Christmas music musical chairs.  We participated in all the activities except the musical chairs because I love my child and didn't want him to get a broken arm from the children who were taking the game way to seriously, lol...The candy cane hunt was really cute and he caught on quick!  Come to find out, he hates candy candes (at least, the peppermint ones) so I've really enjoyed eating them! 
Coop decorating his cookie which was IMMEDIATELY eaten!

He was eating his gingerbread house while he was making it!  He always acts like I don't feed him, lol..

And, the house was demolished about 10 minutes later...