Saturday, October 29, 2011

RSV is a bitch..

Yes, I said the word bitch on Cooper's blog...

Cooper is in the ICU at our local children's hospital and is having a rough go of it. He was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday with bilateral pneumonia but we didn't know what the virus was that caused it until yesterday. The transferred him to the ICU because he wasn't responding to normal breathing treatments. He'll be in the ICU for a couple of days and then be transferred back to the respiratory floor.

If you could say a prayer or send some good vibes for Cooper they would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A spooky breakfast!

I warned all of you that October is my favorite month and to prove it once again, I present our Halloween themed breakfast!

Seriously, this stuff is awesome! I've made pancakes and cookies with it so far and they're delicious! Try it, you won't regret it!

I have tons of cookie cutters and never really used them until I became a mommy to a toddler! I have so much fun with them now!

The look on his face appears that he was not impressed with the shape of his pancakes but he was really impressed with the taste! These pancakes were devoured in minutes!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just some silliness!

I think it goes without saying but I LOVE THIS KID!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooper, the pumpkin King

Sorry, I couldn't resist the title because The Nightmare before Christmas is my second favorite movie of all time (slighty under The Color Purple and slightly above The Labrinyth, weird choices, I know, lol).

On Sunday, we took Cooper to the same pumpkin patch that we did last year and this year was so much more fun for the entire family. Last year, we was 11 months old and couldn't sit up yet but this year he was so much more interactive with the environment! He would crawl up to a pumpkin and roll it, push it, use it as a prop to stand up..who knew that a pumpkin could be so much fun?!?

Just for giggles, October 2010

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moo Cow!

I took Cooper to a dairy farm with my MOPs group last Friday and it was a cute (and, educational!) experience!

Hayride :)

He's already a farm pro!

I thought it was funny when the speaker said to not worry that this cow is not the only Rosie and that whatever cow in the stall is "Rosie" of the moment...

Dairy farm history museum

He's just freaking adorable!

Hi world!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween games

I actually bought these games last year for his pumpkin/fall festival themed first birthday party but didn't end up using them. I found them in my halloween drawer so I decided to pull them out and give them a try. The reviews were mixed but there was a common theme between his analysis...chewing on the gaming pieces!

Emily, he is wearing a ghost t-shirt :) It says "adoraboo!"

A spider ring toss

This pic is for Crystal, I wanted to show you his new "show me love" face, lol..

Pumpkin bean bag toss

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting into the halloween spirit!

Halloween and the entire month of October is my favorite time of year! I'm having so much fun with Cooper and have so many fun things lined up to do in the next few weeks!

I decided to make him a halloween inspired sensory tub and he really enjoys it! He plays with something very similar at OT so I thought I would incorporate one in our home, too...

We've also been working on our coloring :) I finally have a work of art for my refrigerator!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cooper's first trip to the fair!

We met my family at my hometown's annual fair and Cooper had a great time! My niece, Abbi, was his riding buddy and she did such a great job! He rode on the rides and just laughed away, my fearless little man! My sister joked that he got his fearlessness from me because I have always been the type to ride any rollercoaster...

Cooper and Abbi~

This is how we started on the carousel...

But this is how we rode it for most of the ride..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pittsburgh adventures!

I took Cooper to Pittsburgh last week, by myself, for the first time and the trip went rather well. The flight to Pittsburgh was awesome because the plane was half-full so we had room to stretch out and watch Mickey Mouse but the flight home was horrible! We were scheduled to fly home at 9:45 am but didn't make the flight (oh, the joys of flying stand by!) so we were stuck in an airport until the next flight which didn't leave until 1:25. He was tired and just frankly pissed off by the whole situation by this point. He threw the most unholy of tantrums and screamed himself to sleep about 15 minutes before landing. The best part, we sat between two childless guys (note sarcasm font) but they were super nice and overly patient in my opinion!

No worries, the coke is mine!

Cooper just taking things in...

He discovered the liquor cabinet at my in-laws house. I guess, next time they'll listen to my childproofing suggestions...

He likes to practice eating with a spoon which is what we've been workign on in OT.

Here we are at the Pittsburgh airport trying to waste 3 hours...with an (almost) 2 year old, yeah, it was a blast!

We did find a kid's area...Thank God.

Up and down he went...

He's so cute! He's tinkering towards being tired and pissed at this point...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Cooper

Cooper turned 23 months yesterday and I only have one more month with him before he's 2!

Here is the pic that I took for his birthday party invitations. I went to highschool with the girl that did his birthday shirt and the girl that did his invitations so I was able to get the shirt to pretty much match the rocket on the invitation. I'm neurotic with details and the next few weeks will be busy with preparing for his big party!

Invite pic- before


(I would not be sharing this type of info if my blog weren't private)