Saturday, July 26, 2014

He's hilarious!

I can say without a doubt that becoming a mom was the best decision that I ever made!  Coop is such a fun kid to spend my days with and I don't even remember life before him...

Case in point, he makes drinking out of a hose one of the funniest things that I've ever seen :)

Fun Saturday

We took Cooper bowling for the first time a couple weekends ago.  I've been worried to take him bowling because of all the sensory overload possibilities.  We decided to go as early as possible on a Saturday morning and it worked out pretty well!  The first few minutes were a bit tricky because he didn't understand why we needed to help him carry the bowling ball, haha! 

In the end, he came in second place!  He beat me and his 15 year old cousin!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pool Party!

We hosted a pool party for my side of the family a couple of weekends ago and Coop had a lot of fun with his cousins.  Cooper will be getting a new baby cousin any day now and will no longer in the baby in the family! 

Silly boy!

All of the kids and one aunt :) 

Coop and Nana having an important conversation...

4th of July!

I am so behind in posts!  It's the 25th and here I am writing about the 4th of July...

We started our morning with making a red, white and blue sensory bottle. He still has this bottle and still enjoys seeing everything floating around in there. The themes for these sensory bottles are endless so we'll be making more for sure!

Your best laid plans...

I've been a mom for almost 5 years (in November) so I'm used to the whole idea that kids change your best laid plans.  You add in being a mom to a special needs kiddo and you learn to not sweat those changes...

I spent a good 15 minutes smashing up chalk to make these beautiful and vibrant sidewalk chalk paint colors...

Within 5 minutes, he spilled a good bit and the remaining colors were then mixed together to create a kinda of puke color...

We were both covered in it...

And, then it began to rain so we got to wash off before going into the house ;) 

So, not how I envisioned the activity but a great memory regardless! :)

Imagine It!

Coop's current favorite place on the planet is the children's museum.  He could live there but since that isn't possible, I bought him an annual membership instead ;) 

 I surprised him with a visit and this was his expression once he saw what was planned for his morning! 

Legos are a new interest in our house and I love that they have them in the quiet space.  Coop does need sensory breaks so this little breakaway spot is perfect!

He made a really cool telescope! 

The current exhibit is a bunch of boxes. Seriously, fabulous!