Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pittsburgh adventures!

I took Cooper to Pittsburgh last week, by myself, for the first time and the trip went rather well. The flight to Pittsburgh was awesome because the plane was half-full so we had room to stretch out and watch Mickey Mouse but the flight home was horrible! We were scheduled to fly home at 9:45 am but didn't make the flight (oh, the joys of flying stand by!) so we were stuck in an airport until the next flight which didn't leave until 1:25. He was tired and just frankly pissed off by the whole situation by this point. He threw the most unholy of tantrums and screamed himself to sleep about 15 minutes before landing. The best part, we sat between two childless guys (note sarcasm font) but they were super nice and overly patient in my opinion!

No worries, the coke is mine!

Cooper just taking things in...

He discovered the liquor cabinet at my in-laws house. I guess, next time they'll listen to my childproofing suggestions...

He likes to practice eating with a spoon which is what we've been workign on in OT.

Here we are at the Pittsburgh airport trying to waste 3 hours...with an (almost) 2 year old, yeah, it was a blast!

We did find a kid's area...Thank God.

Up and down he went...

He's so cute! He's tinkering towards being tired and pissed at this point...


  1. I love the Captain America shirt. The Girl threw a huge tantrum on the flight back from my grandmother's funeral two years ago. No fun at all.

  2. LOL on the liquor cabinet! I'm glad that even though the flight home was awful you had fun!

    I just LOVE unholy tantrums. Especially in public. They are awesome! (and I really wish there was a sarcasm font...)