Saturday, October 29, 2011

RSV is a bitch..

Yes, I said the word bitch on Cooper's blog...

Cooper is in the ICU at our local children's hospital and is having a rough go of it. He was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday with bilateral pneumonia but we didn't know what the virus was that caused it until yesterday. The transferred him to the ICU because he wasn't responding to normal breathing treatments. He'll be in the ICU for a couple of days and then be transferred back to the respiratory floor.

If you could say a prayer or send some good vibes for Cooper they would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Oh no!! I am so so sorry Cooper is sick and in the ICU. That totally sucks. I'll for sure pray for the little man...and his parents too!

    Get better, Cooper!!

    P.S. Reese had the same problem with breathing treatments, and we ended up needing a breathing treatment "cocktail" for him. We do a mix of Pulimcort and Xopenex, and that seems to do the trick for him. RSV landed him in the hospital five times last Winter. We're getting ready to hole up in the house until Summer. So, yeah. I completely agree with your title! :)

  2. Oh no! Feel better Cooper!

    I can't imagine being with my baby in the hospital. I'll be praying for you, as well as C. Don't forget to take care of yourself too, Jen. Hugs!