Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooper, the pumpkin King

Sorry, I couldn't resist the title because The Nightmare before Christmas is my second favorite movie of all time (slighty under The Color Purple and slightly above The Labrinyth, weird choices, I know, lol).

On Sunday, we took Cooper to the same pumpkin patch that we did last year and this year was so much more fun for the entire family. Last year, we was 11 months old and couldn't sit up yet but this year he was so much more interactive with the environment! He would crawl up to a pumpkin and roll it, push it, use it as a prop to stand up..who knew that a pumpkin could be so much fun?!?

Just for giggles, October 2010


  1. Adorable! Can't believe how little he was last year!??! It's crazy how fast they grow :) But so fun to see them get into it more each year!!

  2. Still just as cute as he was a year ago! Is that an Ergo your husband is using? I really want one...they look a lot more comfortable than a baby bjorn.

  3. So cute! I can't believe how much he has changed!