Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy 6th birthday, Super Cooper!

My little 31 week preemie is now SIX years old!  He's simply amazing!  A friend commented to me yesterday that if any kid had an excuse to be frustrated and lash out that it would be Coop BUT he is almost always in a good mood. I laugh because the only time he gets a little pissy is if the wi-fi stops working which I give him the "that's a first world problem, dude" convo...

This year, he had an art party with just his closest friends and family.  He loves to draw and paint so this was the perfect party for my little artist!

This was the first time that he blew out his birthday candle!!!  We were so excited!!

Pete the Cat!

Coop dressed as Pete the Cat for Halloween and his costume was definitely the most original!  Coop loves Pete the Cat and the bookworm in me was so very pleased that he chose a book character for Halloween!

Here's the cutest Pete ever for Boo at the Zoo :)

Giddy up!

Coop's pretty apprehensive about big dogs especially if they're the overly friendly kind of dogs with no boundaries, haha. So, needless to say, a big horse is kind of intimidating!  Then, he met Arielle...

Arielle is a horse that has spent a lot of time doing therapy with Special needs kids so Coop and Arielle hit it off!  Coop showed ZERO signs of apprehension and he LOVED riding her!!  It was a very special moment to watch. My hubby still walked beside the horse with Coop since his Hypotonia mainly effects his upper body which you use a lot to ride a horse...

Apple Picking!

It seemed like it rained a lot in October (and, November!) in Georgia but we were able to escape to do some apple picking and we had a lovely day!

I love a good theme so here is Coop's lunch for our apple picking trip.  An apple shaped peanut butter and APPLE butter sandwich :)

He loved this fake pony but was scared to ride the real ones there...he actually did ride a pony a few weeks later which is a different post ;)

Oh, my menfolk. I love them so much!

The day did end with us making an apple pie!  It was delicious but not very pretty so no picture! Haha!