Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scotland is called off...

Motherhood is all about sacrifice, right? Well, my first sacrifice for my new bean is that we have decided to call off our trip to Scotland. My dh and I were doing Scotland as a treat for the two of us because of how rough our year had been, but now we have been given a completely different treat in our lives :)

Our main concern was the long flight to Scotland, and the possiblilty that maybe I wouldn't have the chance of getting up and walking every couple of hours. I just don't want to take any chances of getting a blood clot. Not only that, but I am so tired and sick these days that I'm not even sure that I would truly enjoy the experiences to be drinking scotch, for instance...yeah, scotch is not good for baby...

My dh works for Delta so this isn't as big of an issue as it would be for some people and my dh promises me that I will be using my gaelic one day....and, nothing would be better than to take our sweet baby with us one day on mommy's dream vacay :)


  1. I'm sorry that you won't get to take your trip, but you definitely have a good reason! That is AWESOME that your husband works for Delta...I love to travel. I've flown out of ATL quite a few times!

  2. Hugs! I hope your ultrasound goes well- I think it's tomorrow!