Sunday, September 30, 2012


We started the process of enrolling Cooper in the special ed preschool and he had his evaluation on the 19th (I'm so far behind in posts!) and it went really, really great.  We're only doing the special ed preschool for speech therapy and it'll be good for him to have some additional structure and socialization during the day.  I never ever thought I'd be putting him in preschool at 3 but he really, really needs this speech therapy (especially since we learned on Thursday that our insurance is no longer going to cover his speech therapy...that's another post for another day).  He doesn't turn 3 until November 1st so he has another month before he can start the preschool. 

My hubby took the day off for the eval which was 2 hours long and there was a education diagnostician, a speech therapy and a physical therapists in attendance.  Cooper showed them that he knows all his colors, shapes and was able to identify some letters.  The speech therapist was so nice and she was trying to warn me that there's a huge discrepancy between his receptive (which is perfect) versus his expressive speech (duh, he has Apraxia).  We learned the difference between educational and medical speech therapy.  They're going to ask that he has an occupational therapy consult in the classroom.  We decided to take a break in OT a couple months ago because he was getting a bit burned out with so many therapy sessions.  He's almost 3 and has been in therapy since he was 6 months old. 

The staff told us that they're not the ones that approve eligibility but did tell us unofficially that he does qualify.  My plan is to put him in school for 2-3 days a week (he'll go 7:50-12:00) and they say that he'll get speech therapy for an hour on 2 of those days.  They'll also do pt and ot with him during the day, as well.  My hubby and I are both in agreement that this atmosphere will be good for him and we're actually a little excited for him! 

We went to lunch after the evaluation and had a lazy day for the rest of the day...


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  1. Yay for lazy days after that evaluation.