Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pirates and Princesses

One of Cooper's closest buddies had his third birthday and this real cool place last month.  It's like this farm house but it's not farm from the city and they specialized in themed birthday parties.  We went to one called Pirates and Princesses and it was really cute.  There were costumes that they could change into, a bunny and some chickens that the kids could hold, and a game where they just threw candy onto the ground and the kids went nuts.  Yeah, Coop had a great time!
Cooper liked a lot of the princess toys but I'm raising him to not fall into gender stereotypes :D

Daddy and Cooper painting a car...

My friend's mom made this cupcakes!  Amazing!

Coop was a fan ;)

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  1. Awesome cupcakes. And now I want one. :o(