Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Doctor and Daddy

Cooper is such a nurturer!  He loves, loves, loves babies and is such a big helper around the house.  I've been trying to foster this loving and nurturing side of him because I have no interest in having one of those boys that only wants to get dirty and wrestle.  I understand that the wild boy side also needs to be fostered, hence I don't stop him from doing the obstacle course on the couch, lol, but I do want him to understand the positive sides of being a gentle boy at times, too...
He received a doctor's kit for Christmas.  Ironically, his favorite part is giving you a shot which goes against the whole being "gentle" thought behind this gift, lol...

Coop got this doll for his birthday.  This baby talks and pees in his diaper (oh, and he's anatomically correct!) but mommy doesn't put water in his bottle anymore.  That doll can seriously pee and soak through his diaper, lol...But, Coop loves him and hugs and kisses him daily.  He's imitating what happens to him every day!  :)

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  1. Those doctor kits are dangerous. Those needles seriously hurt.