Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter fun!

Oh, April, how you flew by so quickly!  So, there will a slew of catch up posts!

We went to an Easter Eggstravaganza the weekend before Easter.  We've actually taken him to the same festival every year since his first Easter.  We opted out of doing the whole Easter Bunny thing (I find the whole story creepy but if he shows interest in it then I'll reconsider) in interest of keeping the holiday focused on Jesus.  I'm not going to keep him from events with an Easter Bunny because he does enjoy an Easter Egg hunt! 

Mommy and Cooper 

Easter Egg hunt!  Kids take Easter egg hunts very seriously. Cooper only found 4 eggs before the hunt was over.  You'd thought it was a life or death situation with most of those kids, lol 

This expression was a result of asking him if he wanted to see the Easter Bunny. I think  he finds him creepy, too! 

This Easter bunny was fine though! 

He was excited at the thought of riding a pony until he got on it...and, it was a no go! 

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