Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stone Mountain

We were invited by some friends to go to Stone Mountain for a picnic dinner and to see the laser show.  It had been years (like 20+) and Cooper had never been so I was excited to say yes!  The laser show doesn't start until 9:30 and Cooper's bedtime is 7-ish so he didn't last very long for the laser show.  He enjoyed the 10 minutes that he did see though, haha! 

The weather was perfect on Saturday! 

Coop eating his picnic dinner in his Spiderman chair...

Coop wearing daddy's sunglasses :) 
 I never buy watermelon because I hate it but he liked it...

I love this sweet pic! 


Friday, May 2, 2014


I like that Cooper is just in preschool and that there isn't a real attendance policy yet. I mean, everyone needs a skip day and Fridays are fun days to skip school!

This place is peaceful.  You can really free your mind in this swing and look out over the river...

He looks like he's chilling out, right? :) 

He's always game for looking for ducks (in this case geese)

Found them! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Half birthday!

Today is Cooper's half-birthday!  I cannot believe that he's 4 and a half already!  We had a fun little dinner and he really enjoyed the birthday cake! 

The cake isn't very pretty but it's gluten-free :)

He's enjoying his little party! 

Every month, Cooper decorates seasonal items to hang from our chandelier.  We're doing flowers for May :) One flower for each family member...

Books, trains and chocolate milk!

Another one of our weekly activities is going to the train table at Barnes and Noble.  He loves the train table and we read at least 10 books while we're there. I treat him to a chocolate milk and I treat myself to some overly sugared coffee drink...

I thought this book was hilarious!  I'm a huge Downton Abbey fan so I got a good giggle out it! Cooper wasn't nearly as impressed...

He's more of an Eric Carle fan! 

March for Babies 2014

This was our 6th year participating in the March for Babies and it was another successful year!  The weather was beautiful and my sister and her kids joined us like they have all six years!

 We were hanging out in the VIP tent prior to the walk...

Lily was the reason that we started doing the walk. She wasn't far from our hearts and thoughts but she never is...

Our miracle 31 weeker!  

I was putting Lily's butterfly candle into the floating garden...

We sure do love this little fighter! 

Boys will be boys!

I read a quote on Pinterest that said something along the lines of boys being noise covered in dirt.  It's true but it's a lot of fun, too!

 He was having fun putting his feet into puddles of water...

then, his hands in the mud..

and, finally, finding an ant (look closely at his thumb) 

I love the fact that Cooper goes to school only half-days because it gives me the morning to get things done then the afternoon to do whatever with Cooper.  One of our weekly things to do is visit the library and the duck pond across the street. 

This is a mid-action picture but he was super excited to have found a duck.  The duck wasn't nearly as excited!

He's meditating...

Absolute perfection! 

Easter fun!

Oh, April, how you flew by so quickly!  So, there will a slew of catch up posts!

We went to an Easter Eggstravaganza the weekend before Easter.  We've actually taken him to the same festival every year since his first Easter.  We opted out of doing the whole Easter Bunny thing (I find the whole story creepy but if he shows interest in it then I'll reconsider) in interest of keeping the holiday focused on Jesus.  I'm not going to keep him from events with an Easter Bunny because he does enjoy an Easter Egg hunt! 

Mommy and Cooper 

Easter Egg hunt!  Kids take Easter egg hunts very seriously. Cooper only found 4 eggs before the hunt was over.  You'd thought it was a life or death situation with most of those kids, lol 

This expression was a result of asking him if he wanted to see the Easter Bunny. I think  he finds him creepy, too! 

This Easter bunny was fine though! 

He was excited at the thought of riding a pony until he got on it...and, it was a no go!