Thursday, July 15, 2010


I had a dream last night that Cooper's legs started to work and he was crawling all over the place! He started crawling to his daddy and I'm yelling "yes! I knew he could do it! I knew it!"

We're still going to therapy once a week. Our PT is thinking that maybe we should start coming twice a week. He is still rolling over from back to tummy but refuses to do tummy to back. I don't get that part because isn't tummy to back easier? Who knows! Yesterday at PT she stood him up in a "stander" which really looks like a medieval torture device. It's wooden with velcro straps and she literally puts him in and straps him up! Two weeks ago he was screaming after 5 minutes but now we're up to 10 minutes or so before the total meltdown begins. Ugh, I hate to hear him cry and not being able to intervene sucks!

We're still waiting for all the genetic test results and haven't heard a peep!

I have two friends that had baby boys around Coop's due date so all 3 are in the same spot when you factor in Cooper's adjusted age...both of the other boys are sitting up and crawling. It hurts, ya know? I want him to do what his friends are doing...right now, he doesn't notice the difference so it's more of a "me" problem. I hate when people ask me "is he sitting up yet" or " is he starting to crawl" and I have to give this long answer about his prematurity and the hypotonia. Both of those are innocent questions so I'm not going to hate on anyone. It's just, it's sad. I want his life to be easy...don't we all want that for our kids?


  1. I know I shouldn't butt in...but just wanted to comment that I've been where you are. My daughter Amber was born at 27 weeks and she also took a long time to turn over or even try to sit up. It is nerve-wracking for the mom when people ask.
    You have a beautiful baby :)
    By the way, our daughter just graduated from college in May. She's 25. She still walks on her toes sometimes - it's something she learned when she was first walking to help keep her balance.

  2. we all want the best for our kids. I'll say an extra prayer for Coop that all turns out well and soon :)

  3. I loved reading about that dream and can't wait for it to happen!!!

    It's hard when we know people are really asking benign questions not meant to hurt, but yet...they do hurt sometimes, don't they?

    Thinking of you and that sweet little guy!

  4. Aw, honey, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. It sounds like he is making progress, though. . . can't wait till your little handsome does all that and more!

  5. Yes, you always want the best for your babies. Hope everything turns out well Jen! Thinking of you!

  6. praying for Cooper...dreams do come through.(((HUGS)))

  7. Even though my daughter wasn't premature, she has taken her SWEET time deciding to walk. She's been about 6 months behind "average" for whatever reason. They haven't been concerned yet, and at 17.5 months she finally started walking. But I wanted to say I feel your pain at seeing others the same age crawling, walking etc and your baby isn't. My dd didn't sit up until probably 8-9 months, didn't crawl until 13 months and finally is walking at 17.5 months. I know Cooper has some challenges, but it will happen!