Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blueberries exploded...

on Cooper's face! LOL...

Your toddler feeding themselves is a messy experience but the clean freak in me is learning to how to let go and just let him do his thing, well, for the most part. I am one of those moms that lets him eat how he wants to eat while teaching him to eat how I expect him to eat in public. We're not the type of parents that take off his clothes during meals because that's not how he would eat in public. Cooper is delayed in his fine motor skills (due to his hypotonia) so we have yet to grasp eating with utensils. So, he still eats with his hands which is fine by me. I get to eat with him versus having to feed him then myself. Oh, and he's on a bib strike but fortunately, he's really good about getting nearly all the food in his mouth!

The blueberries are extra fresh and juicey this week at Pub.lix!

My best friend for after meal clean-ups!


  1. Been there. SOOO been there.

    Also, we have those exact same pajamas.