Monday, June 6, 2011

Cooper pulling himself up!

Cooper has been very active lately and is doing new things all the time. Yes, most of you do posts like this around 9 or 10 months but this is MY time to shine! Okay, it's Coop's time to shine but it's my blog, lol...

He's been pulling himself up to standing at the coffee table for about a month now but I never had my camera around BUT today, I finally caught it! His normal motivation is my cellphone today but I was happy that his bible story book sufficed :)

Today, he also crawled up about 3 stairs on his own strength and determination! I had him on the bottom step putting on his sandals and he turns around and proceeds to climb up the stairs! We've been working on this skill for a few weeks and evidentally he's finally caught the hang of it!



  1. Go Cooper! Cell phones seem to be the best motivators!!

  2. Go Cooper! Such an exciting milestone!! Now he'll be reaching stuff that you used to think was safe - watch out, mama! :o)

  3. Most excellent"""