Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do!

Except in this case!

Yesterday, Cooper's PT said that he doesn't need the stander anymore! His legs are strong enough now that they're fully capable of standing for minutes at a time yet. He's still not able to stand independently but the stander isn't going to help with that anyways. Here's the thing, now that his legs are strong enough, he has to learn what they're for!

We're working on furniture cruising which is a new move for him. So, I have my hands on his hips and move one leg and he pulls the other one along. He'll get it!

He's just an amazing kid! He works so hard for the things that most kids do without much thought. His PT thinks that he'll be furniture cruising and walking behind push toys by his 2nd birthday which is November 1st. I guess I'll be buying him one of those kid vacuum cleaners or a lawn mover for his birthday! Yay!

And, I am throwing him the BIGGEST party when he starts to walk! He'll deserve it for all of his hard work!

Good bye, cumbersome stander! Thank you for holding up my kid for 20-30 minutes everyday! I'd like to say that I'll miss you...


  1. That's awesome!! Good job Cooper and Mama :)

  2. That is exciting! Some breakups are good!

    P.s. I thought of you today when thinking about how I will have to be sure to provide Ruby with plenty of developmental opportunities while she is home with me after #2 comes (and not in daycare). I remember you doing art projects and I think mentioning flash your my inspiration! Thanks!

  3. That is so great! Go Cooper!!

    When he starts cruising around on his own grab your video camera so we all can see and celebrate. :-)

  4. YAY Coop! That is awesome :)

  5. VICTORY!!! And FREEDOM!!! Excellent news.