Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mommy's first weekend away!

Two weeks ago, my bestfriend (of 25 years!) and I went to Boston for a girl's weekend. I've never been away from Cooper overnight so this was a big, HUGE deal for me. He was with my hubby so he was in good hands! I know that I'm not ready for an overnight trip were he's with other people yet...

We spent the whole day in Boston on Friday (24th) and the next day was spent in Salem. I seriously could move to either city tomorrow! The food is great and the atmosphere is just so much fun! I'm a HUGE history buff so being around so much of it is just intoxicating to me :)

Cooper was at home in Atlanta but I saw signs of him though!

I saw this sign as we were walking to find a restroom for the millionth time for my bestfriend who has to pee more than any human being that I know...sorry, tangent ;)

This sign was on the house that is right next to The House of Seven Gables.

The lowlight of the trip was that Cooper came down with Pneumonia on Saturday. Seriously, the ONE time that I leave and he's in the ER with a 104.5 fever. I fly non-rev (stand by) because my hubby works for the airlines. There were no available flights out of Boston on Saturday night or all day Sunday even if I wanted to pay for a ticket. I had to fly from Boston to New York to DC just to get home to my sick baby. So, yeah, no more girl trips for a long, long time!


  1. Oh no! I hope he's okay!!

  2. Eeek! I hope he is okay! I'm glad you got to go on a trip, though!

  3. Oh no, that stinks! Hope he's feeling all better soon!

  4. I'm so bummed your trip was cut short. I used to live in Beverly- which is right next door to Salem. Such a beautiful state. I could live there in a heartbeat, too.