Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a craigs.list stalker...

I am quickly becoming addicted to craigs.list. Seriously. You can find some good stuff on there and I could've said us some serious dough if I had searched out used baby stuff instead of being a diva at BRU when I was pregnant with Cooper. I recently sold tons of great quality barely used baby stuff on there last week myself and it's so easy!

I bought this Little Tikes table and chairs yesterday for $5! Great condition and Cooper likes sitting there and going over his flashcards :)

I bought all of these like brand new puzzles for $15! Some of them are Melissa and Doug puzzles which easily go for $15 a piece so I consider this a big SCORE!

Cooper is fascinated with the fishing puzzle...it's like magic ;)


  1. Yeah for Craigs.list. We bought a $600 crib for $100. Fantastic.

  2. I am jealous of your puzzle find!! I am addicted too.

  3. I love craigs.list. too!
    You got some great bargains!
    We buy and sale on there too!

  4. I just had a great CL experience today! I sold some baby stuff and a purse that I never use. It's always the first place that I look when I want to buy something these days. I TOTALLY agree about wishing I'd looked there when I was pregnant!