Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where a kid can be a kid!

We took my nieces and Cooper to Chees.e's yesterday and had a lot of fun! Cooper can actually play on some stuff now that he's sitting up and standing so these places are a lot more fun for me than they used to be! I can't wait until he's walking and do all the things that kids his age can do :)

Cooper, Caitlyn and you can tell by most of the pics that you see of me, I'm not a huge fan of make-up, lol...

My menfolk

A little blurry but still a cute pic. I personally hate Barney so we don't watch him at our house but maybe, I'll put my feelings to the side since Cooper was enamoured...

Coop sliding down the slide with Gracie

Coop going through the tunnels with his cousins, lol..

Coop and his Aunt Aimee


  1. How fun! I've never been to a Chuckie Cheese before. I'll bet my kiddos would love it!

  2. Looks like a great time! I wish Lily had some cousins she could play with (she has one but she's in Louisiana!) Love the pictures :)

  3. I know what you mean about Barney. Ruby is FASCINATED with Elmo. Everywhere we go she sees Elmo she gets really excited. The funny thing is that we have watched Elmo one time in our house. So daycare some how got Elmo in her brain. I think it was from her diapers (pampers) - they have must have talked up the Elmo image on her diapers to get through changes???

  4. Fun! I know exactly what you mean about Barney - something about that guy rubs me the wrong way. ha! Hey, they'll have opinions of their own soon enough - while we can control what they see, why not!

  5. Looks like a blast. But here's the real question for an adult: were you able to score a beer? Because they have it, despite what people think.