Thursday, July 19, 2012

He's growing up!

There are so many things that people with normally developing kids take for granted and one of those things is taking your kids to the park.  Our time at the park used to be me picking him up and moving him from here to there because it was too tricky for him to crawl.  Then, I would have to hold him up as he would slide down the slide because he wasn't strong enough to stay upright while going down the slide.  Now, he's got the park in the bag and he LOVES the park now! 

Cooper and daddy looking at the ducks...

"No worries, I got this!"

Cooper watching the train go by :)


  1. Love it. Love his joy at such wonderful things!!!

  2. I wish we got to the park more often. Actually we rarely ever go to a park. Lame I know. I guess we do other things so it is okay.

    P.s. EVERY time I hear Call Me Maybe I think of you!

  3. I made you something on my blog...title wordless wednesday *special edition*