Monday, November 5, 2012

Coop becomes a daddy (lol)

We went to the Cabbage Patch Hospital on Saturday and seriously it was adorable!  I went as a kid but it's definitely much more fun as a mom!  I loved watching him run all over the place and looking at every baby!  It took us an hour to pick out our babies and ended up adopting two...
If you read my babyloss blog then you know that I'm a big believer in signs.  Well, while we were there Mother Cabbage went into labor (hahaha!) and a baby girl was delivered.  This baby had already been adopted so the little girl was in the audience.  The LPN (licensed PATCH nurse) asked the little girl what she wanted to name her and she said "Lily".  I mean, what are the odds...anyways, I felt like she was with us as we were celebrating her brother's birthday!

Whew, becoming a dad is hard work!


  1. He's a good daddy and that is so sweet that the girl said Lily - she's always with you.

  2. Awesome. I was more of a Garbage Pail Kids kind of kid.