Friday, November 2, 2012

Cooper's 3rd birthday!

I decided to keep Cooper's 3rd birthday a more intimate affair because I'd thrown him that massive Mickey Mouse party in July.  Plus, he's only 3 so a lot of the pomp and circumstance isn't really necessary and he's more into parties for the cupcakes, lol...

Yesterday, my hubby took the day off from work and we took Coop to Chuck E Cheese to play.  He loves this place!!  We buy like $10 in token for the 3 of us to share and he has a ball!  Then we took him to our favorite restaurant which is this Greek restaurant and he devoured some hummus and greek potatoes like no ones business! 

We invited his 5 buddies that he sees all the time over for an evening pizza playdate and needless to say he was exhausted and fell asleep in like 5 minutes last night!  His birthday celebration isn't over yet because tomorrow we're taking him the Cabbage Patch Hospital and letting him adopt a boy doll!  The boy part was my hubby's only request, lol...Cooper loves dolls and the social worker in me just cannot teach him that dolls are "supposed" to be for girls.  He feeds and burps dolls, rocks them, kisses them and he's just an overall very nurturing little boy. 

His birthday ended with the most awesome thing though which is that the card that I made him for Sprout actually made it on tv!!!  I quickly hit record on the vcr so I've included the link.  Excuse our crappy tv ;)

 Katy Perry's Firework is our Super Cooper theme song and I play it for him sometimes on the way to therapy so please go to my actual birthday post from yesterday :)

More than anything, I can't believe that my tiny 31 weeker is 3 years old!  He's such a sweet, smart, funny, spunky and wonderful, wonderful, blessing to us each and every day.  We just couldn't love him more than we already do...


  1. Happy Brithday to Coop! I can't believe he's 3 either!! Sounds like such a sweet boy with this dolls. I think it is so cute and great that he does that.

  2. Happy 3rd birthday Cooper!! I love that he loves dolls - that is so sweet and a great trait for a little boy to have!

  3. I know I'm behind here, but I hope it was a great birthday day!!