Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Autism Awareness Day

The CDC released the number that 1 in 68 children are affected by Autism.  That number is staggering and means that nearly every single one of us know a person on the spectrum.  I live with one of those children so Autism Awareness means so much to me...

I want Cooper to be able to move about this world and people not look at him strangely when he flaps his hands or when they hear him "babble" or judge when they see him use his Ipad to speak.  I also want parents to teach their children to be kind.  I have been in many a playdate/group where other moms will allow their kid to stare at Coop instead of explaining to them that Cooper has Autism or they allow their kids to ignore him all together.  

These makes me sound angry and I guess at times, it does piss me off that I  have to fight for the world to just accept him.  But, every morning, I will wake up and fight the world for him.

Cooper did the A all by himself so we call this "A is for Autism Awarness!"

 (my make-up looks way too dark here, lol) 

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