Friday, March 27, 2015

The best of February 2015!

Well, I missed blogging for the entire month of February!  So, here are our highlights! 

He uses this strainer as his astronaut helmet...

We go out on expeditions dressed in our space gear because we just do, that's how we roll...

Coop participates in a program at school called "My friend, too" where they take a special needs student and pair them with a general ed student. Coop was paired with a pair of twins in Kindergarten. We meet almost weekly and as  you can tell by this smile, he enjoys our weekly dates with them! 

Coop went to a Valentines event held by a local girl scout troop.  Coop was paired with a young lady that helped him making valentines for his family and friends. It was a super cute event! 

February in Georgia means you're either preparing for icy weather or you're playing outside in a hose. This was a hose day. 

Coop loves, loves, loves to paint! 

I knitted him that scarf and he's pose in this pic makes me giggle.  It was like he was born to model scarves, haha 

Catch Air fun on President's day!  He was supposed to go to school that day but it was called off for the "threat of inclimate weather" instead it just rained all day.  

My oldest niece turned 16 at the end of February and her party was at the prettiest locale...

we made smores at her party, too. Basically, we ate smores for dinner. 

In true Southern fashion, Coop couldn't be bothered with the "snowy' weather (we were supposed to get 2 to 4 inches and instead it rained/sleeted with a toss of snowflakes). He went outside during our toss of snowflakes, said no, shut the door and threw himself on the floor.  It was all very dramatic...

Coop was excited to learn how to miss colors together to make new colors. It's now an obsession...

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