Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Super Cooper!

I have so much to catch up on but I figured a fun post would be updating on Cooper graduating from preschool!  This preemie is headed to Kindergarten!! It feels like yesterday that I posted my pregnancy announcement with him (he was known as Abebe back then!) and now he's heading to "real" school! 

Coop received a character of the year award!  I was extra proud that day!

 I saw this idea on Pinterest but basically you have every teacher between now and graduating high school to sign this book and then you give it to them as a graduating gift!  This is actually the copy that my sister gave me when I graduated from UGA so this is fun to pass onto Coop :) 

Coop's PRE-K teacher made a specialized passport for his new teacher to learn about Cooper!  It has all the little things that make Coop, Coop...

OY, I had some tears this day!  Time goes too fast...(those lilies behind him are Lily's lilies!) 

I turned the car into a party bus for his last day of Preschool...

The mommy party bus took him to Chuck E Cheese for a surprise playdate with some classmates :) 

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