Friday, October 16, 2009

5 weeks down and 5 weeks to go!

I've been in the hospital for 5 weeks today! Halfway there and I'm hoping that time keeps on trucking away!

We had our weekly ultrasound this morning and my peri wasn't there so we met with another peri in the group. This peri is rather familiar with our case because he's rounded on me several times in the hospital but I just really love in my regular peri...But, he did a very thorough u/s and everything continues to look stable. Cooper looks great! He weighs 3 lb. 2 oz. which is funny because my hubby and I were taking bets on what his weight would be today. I said 3.1 and he said, if we had put money on it than we would both be good :)

They've put me on Glyburide for my gestational diabetes because I just can't seem to key in my fasting blood sugars. I control my blood sugars through the day with diet but my fasting just won't cooperate! I came in here completely medicine free and was just taking prenatals. Since I've been here I've been on Tamiflu for 10 days, on Protonix in the morning because of TERRIBLE heartburn (water was giving me heartburn if that tells you anything!) and now I'm on Glyburide for my gestational diabetes. The only drug that I feel guilty for taking is the Tamiflu because the effects on the baby are unknown and that terrifies me. I almost felt like my arm was twisted in taking it because my ob was telling me all these terrible stories about these pregnant women in the ICU on ventilators and I have to tell you that the scare tactic worked! I've been on a ventilator before and will do almost anything if threatened with the remote possiblity of being on one again.

Otherwise, things are going rather smoothly. My spirits are up and down. Sometimes I feel like I can do anything and other days are spent in private pity-parties. I actually started crying in front of my nurse yesterday which if you know me IRL than you know that my tears are something that are kept private and only truly shared IRL with a very few people. Here I am crying in front of a virtual stranger. I didn't know her before this and chances are that our contact after this will be minimal (I do plan on bringing Cooper to visit after flu season is over) and I'm crying without hesitation. You begin to feel very vulnerable here and vulnerability isn't a quality that I'm in the mood for these days. I'm a rather opinionated and blunt person but find myself being rather weak inside this room.

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet and am too lazy to go through old posts, but the c-section has been scheduled for November 23rd so we'll have our little blessing on the week on Thanksgiving. I can't think of anything more wonderful to happen at a time of the year where people focus on their blessings...and,what a wonderful blessing he will be for our family.


  1. Jen, glad to hear the ultrasound went well.

    Its funny how vulnerable a doctor can make you feel, but lately I find it very therepeutic crying in front of my physician. Its good to just get it out and as emotionally draining as it can be...sometimes you just feel better.

    What a blessing for Cooper to come in time for turkey day!! You and Cooper are in my prayers. :)

  2. That will be here before you know it. Keep up the excellent work of resting. He needs all the time he can get. God bless all of you.

  3. I am truly thankful all is going well and I think it is those little things that keeps us humble. My only regret is that I can't be there in person but who knows, miracles can happen overnight! In the meantime just know you are loved and that you are in our thoughts and prayers 24/7! Imagine in a couple of weeks you will have him in you loving arms! Lotsa love! :)

  4. So glad everything is going well. I'm sure it must be an emotional roller coaster just being pregnant after your loss, but especially with you being cooped up in a hospital room! (Get it, Cooped up with Cooper? Just kidding!) I'm excited he will be here so soon, counting down with you!:)

  5. I hope everything is going well for you.