Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is my spoiled cat, Delilah, laying on our bed with her daddy on Thursday night. By the time that this picture was taken I had been gone for 21 days...I miss her but I'm pretty sure she's un-phased...


I'm pretty sure that she's going to love my hubby more than me by the time that Cooper and I come home...I should get a dog! More loyalty!


  1. LOL! I was wondering just the other day how she was doing without you but it seems like she is having a ball with daddy! :)

    Hugs to you! xx

  2. What a beautiful cat!

    My cat tolerates Eleanor, but that's it. She'll stay in the same room with her sometimes, but not for long periods of time. She used to be really affectionate towards me, much more than with Hunter, but not anymore. :( Now she stays outside almost all day, and sits on his lap more than ever when she's in. She's still affectionate towards me, but mainly at night when Eleanor's in bed. It's sad because I miss her purring and rubbing on me, but life is just different now. I think she's gradually getting more and more used to the baby though. :)

  3. Cats as unloyal as they are they can surprise you. We have two cats and one of them is truely Mike's cat. Since he has been gone I think his cat thinks he is dead or something because he literally clings to me. Won't let me go anywhere in the house without him as to make sure I won't go anywhere. Delilah may surprise you. But definately go for the dog!! :)

  4. Delilah is a beautiful kitty. My Mom kept my 2 cats for me when I was on bedrest and I hate to say it, but they were so comfortable there that they stayed wih her. I see them almost every day though with my boy. They missed me, but they were more curious about the little "creature" they had never seen before. Never know, Delilah might wind up being your little Cooper's guard kitty. Sending Best Wishes!