Monday, March 8, 2010

He's made the big move!

Cooper now sleeps in his crib in his nursery! I would like to say that this has increased the hours that he sleeps at night but the more important thing for me was that he get used to where he will be sleeping before he gets too "attached" to our room. Now, don't get me wrong, mommy loves being around her little man but I certainly don't want to be the mommy that you see on Super.Nanny that has a 3 year old that refuses to sleep in his own room. It's better in my mind to move him before he even realizes the difference between his room and ours...

We got our last Synagis shot for the season on Thursday and Cooper is now up to 13 lbs. 3 oz. and is 23 inches long. His 3 month clothes are getting tight! I do love his little chubby baby legs though!  Yeah, just thought this one was hilarious...I think he's sick of getting his pictures taken all the time!

We're working hard on our tummy-time and he's getting better I may add! We're still working on rolling over but we're not even close to being successful! His face is cute though when I help him roll over...he's all like "whoa!"

He had his first big night out last night. We went out to celebrate our anniversary with another couple whose anniversary is just a few days before ours so the whole family got dressed and went to Ruth's Chris. Cooper slept the whole time which is probably better because I would've felt guilty eating such yummy food while giving him a bottle of boring formula!

He is a total "talker" now and coos A LOT. The PA at the Pediatric Pulmonary office where he receives his Synagis shot just thought he was hilarious :) Oh, and Cooper is just "talking" away and in mid-sentence lets out the loudest burp...So, we laugh and I tell the PA that we're working on how to say "excuse me" The moment was priceless!

Oh, and he's 4 months old now! 


  1. That photo all dressed up is just too adorable! What a fun evening.

  2. His vest is sooo cute!! I love it!

  3. He's getting so big!!! I love the cross-eyed pic. Adorable!!! And, he looks as happy as a clam in his own room (I know that when we did that with the other kids, I slept better. All the little baby squeaks would wake me up a million times a night. Better sleep for the mama too!!!).

  4. What a handsome little man! I love his sweater vest!

  5. What a cutie! Work with what you got Jen - teach him how to burp the alphabet! LOL!!!!!!

  6. All those pics are so cute! He's getting so big!