Thursday, September 1, 2011

22 months!

Cooper is 22 months today! Parts of me are sad that time is going by so fast but then other parts of me are so thrilled about what an awesome little dude he's turning into. He makes me laugh everyday, like I've taught him to pinch his daddy's nipples and he'll do it just to make me laugh. I love the nipple game, my hubby not so much!

Cooper's 2nd birthday party planning is in full swing! We're doing a "Blast off with Cooper!" party which will be rockets and space themed. One of my friends from highschool has started an etsy shop called Semper Chic Boutique and she made Cooper's birthday t-shirt. I got the shirt early because I'm having custom invites made and need a cute pic of Cooper for them. I'm a stay-at-home mom so I have a little extra time to party plan and since he's my one and only, (in the house) I take his party very seriously. I'll be sharing details as we go along but wanted to share his birthday t-shirt:

Cooper started a one day a week, mom's morning out about 3 weeks ago. The drop-off is a little rough with a lot of tears (and, anxiety on my part) and I used to think this was seperation anxiety but I'm thinking this is just his personality. He does this everywhere, whether it's church, MOPs, MMO, it doesn't matter how many times he goes, it always starts with tears. Today, I picked him up and he was so happy to see me! He crawled across the room and nearly leapt into my arms! It was so sweet because he put his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arm around my neck and gave me a really tight squeeze. Oh, I adore him.

In the interest of honesty, this pic was taken last Friday but this cute little dude is 22 months old! He got a haircut the very next day after this pic was taken because it seriously grows like a weed! And, yes, I do have fake flowers on my patio, lol..


  1. That's a great picture of the little man. Wonderful.

  2. Wow! I can't believe he is 22 months! Time flies!

    The shirt is adorable, and I wouldn't have known those were fake flowers if you hadn't said anything. That picture is so sweet!

  3. Such a cute picture! Oh - and both my girls have been on the cry alot at drop off side too.... I just figure they like being with their mommy best of all & that is not such a bad thing! Just stay strong - it's good for you & him to have that break :) Can't wait to see the party come together - I can tell you will throw a good one!