Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adventures in Cooperworld

OH, Sunday started with such promise as we headed to my neice's birthday party with a side trip to Georgia's largest fleamarket. It ended with an ER visit and an official diagnosis of Asthma.

Cooper had an upper respiratory infection about 2 weeks ago (and Pneumonia 2 months ago!) and Asthma has been suspected for a few months because of Cooper's number of pulmonary infections and Sunday we had our first actual asthma attack. It was scary. Luckily, we live near an awesome children's hospital and our ped is equally awesome. He's on an oral steriod and an albuterol inhaler for this week and will also be on a maintenance medicine until Spring when we'll reevaluate the situation. He doesn't like the nebulizer machine but I was able to get a whole treatment done this morning while he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is my go to bribe!

Here's some pics of our day before things went crazy...

My neice's birthday party was at an arcade and Cooper loved this thing...I still don't know what it does, lol!


  1. I hope he's feeling better. I hate my asthma.

  2. Ugh. R has asthma, too. He also hates the nebulizer, but will tolerate it if we play pat-a-cake. He is allergic to Albuterol, which sucks, because that is the go to medication for asthma attacks. Those asthma attacks are scary! I hope he gets feeling better.

    It looks like you had fun...until you ended up in the ER!

  3. Oh no! Poor Cooper (and Mommy - that's so scary!) Glad you have a good "bribe" to get the treatments in!

  4. That sounds scary! Good luck with the nebulizer. Ruby surprising loves doing it (she's back on it now) but started throwing fits. We finally figured out that the person who took care of her while I was in the hospital let her hold the mask to her face instead of having the string around her head. If she could have told us it would have saved a lot of drama.