Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never trust a quiet toddler...

Cooper's room was quiet so I assumed he was asleep until a quick check of the video monitor showed me bare cheeks rolling around his crib...

Who can be burdened with a diaper and pants?

"Hi, Mom! Just be thankful that I didn't pee or poop!" Oh, thank God for small miracles ;)


  1. Been there with both kids. And, unfortunately, there were messes to clean. My kids waste no time.

  2. Mackenzie did this twice, once with me & no mess. Once with daddy while mommy was away....and did a nice mess! Thank God for small miracles that for once it didn't happen on my watch! She slept in onesies after that date. HA!

  3. Ha ha - Asher did this once and I got lucky as well! I found his bare bum on the video monitor and was able to re-diaper before any messes happened. Phew!