Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just add another brick to the load...

that I carry on my back

My hubby came with us to physical and speech therapy today which was nice because it's been a while since he's been able to attend. Our therapies are in the morning so it's difficult for him to get the time off from work. Anyways, he had some questions for Coop's speech therapists that I've been afraid to ask...

One was the severity of Cooper's Apraxia and I guess I wasn't prepared for the answer, which was moderate to severe. The only reason that he's not considered severe is that he is able to eat. She said there is a possibility that he won't be able to talk normally and will require assistance from a device which these days would be an Ipad.

The other question was does Cooper have a learning disability and she thinks that he does. Learning normally goes in an upward slope (especially since he's in speech twice a week!) and Coop's learning curve is more like hills and valleys. She doesn't know if the learning disability is more a language barrier or a cognitive delay problem since he's so young.

It's just frustrating. The poor kid can just never get ahead.

So, the next time the car in front of you sits at a light after it's turned green...maybe, not honk because it could be a parent that can't take their mind off how much they love their child and how worried they are about their future...


  1. I'll be more conservative with the horn after that. Thanks for the perspective, Jen.

  2. You know what?! That boy is adorable. He is a miracle, and he is yours. He is perfect just the way he is.

    I'll be more considerate with my horn, too.

  3. So sorry Jen, but he is one awesome kid & I can't wait to see him continue to impress everyone :) I know it's got to be hard for you, but you are doing an amazing job. He's doing so good - I love following his amazing progress!!