Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Other Valentine goodies...

I love pinterest. I don't know how I survived before discovering it because I am not naturally crafty or creative. I found the inspiration for Cooper's valentines to give to his friends in January, lol...

Although, I couldn't just find shovels for his "I dig you" valentines this time of year but I could find a pail and shovel. They're obnoxiously cute!

Crystal, I tried to get a better pic of Cooper's shirt for you :) It says "My heart beats for mom" which I bought at Crazy 8's which is the sister store (and less expensive) of Gymboree. I do get tons of compliments on his clothes and I have to tell all of you that I get 90% of his wardrobe from consignment sales! He has tons of clothes because they're all dirt cheap :)


  1. Love this idea! Pinterest is seriously where I get most of my craft ideas and recipes too. What did we do before??

  2. I'm a pinterest junkie, too. I'd love to follow you. Where are you? Find me here:

  3. Love it! I've been trying to save money on clothes too. Poor Archer doesn't have near as many as Ruby did and most of his are consignment too! Although I don't really feel bad for him and I feel good for my wallet. ;)