Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another first for Team Nolf!

My sister planned this weekend to Savannah and Tybee and I think she did a great job! We also did a dolphin tour which is another thing that the 3 of us had never done! Now, it was fun but it was a kinda long activity for the amount of dolphin that we did have the pleasure to behold. Cooper was over it and desperately needed a nap by the time that we were on our way back to shore. He did love seeing the dolphins and the pelicans though! Dolphins are quick and unpredictable so I wasn't able to catch a photo of one...

He actually loved wearing this life-vest which is hilarious because this is the little boy that normally doesn't want to wear a jacket when it's cold...

Another Insta.gram pic :)

Coop and I looking at the water.

I just think this one is funny, lol...


  1. First, if he liked that vest, maybe you should get him one of those sleeveless vest-coats. It keeps him warm, but he still has his arms free and unencumbered.

    Now, in that last pic, is he sleepy or enjoying the wind blowing in his face? I only ask because I'm pretty sure I make the same face when I have a strong breeze right in the face.

    1. Enjoying the wind in his face :)

  2. How fun! We did a whale watching trip once and I think only Brannon saw the one whale! HA! Looks like a good time for Team Nolf (I like how you call your family that!)