Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday was such a glorious day and the perfect way to wrap up on Savannah weekend. We did the Easter egg hunt, a picnic and park time at Forsyth Park which was just lovely! They have an awesome playground with an area for bigger kids and an area for smaller kidlets. Coop did fall and bust his chin which was not good but I'm learning that this is par for the course when your kid, yay! I just don't want him to lose any teeth or get a black eye...

(Insta.gram pic but I think it's a cute pic!)

Coop's booboo with a Phineas and Ferb bandaid :)


  1. Poor guy, but definitely par for the course.

  2. I love his shirt! Booboos are definitely a new normal for us now too. Asher is going to have permanently scabbed knees, I'm pretty sure.