Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lily the elf!

Lily the elf joined us again the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  We don't do a traditional elf on the shelf and Lily is a kindness elf!  I've already discussed my views on Santa so it didn't make sense for me to say that the elf is watching him and reporting things back to Santa.  Lily the kindness elf likes to do crafts and storytime with Cooper but she also loves to do random acts of kindness!  So far, Coop and Lily have made Christmas cards with candy canes to put on strangers cars, they've put money on drink machines and (my favorite) is that they're giving a gift tomorrow to a friend that Coop has made at school. This little boy is not in Coop's class but is in the first grade and I recently found out that he's staying at a homeless shelter.  This little boy is so sweet and comes into the classroom every morning to see Coop and to give him a hug.  Oh, and one morning, he was trying to tickle Cooper under his chin and told me "I love his little laugh".  He's just such a little blessing to Cooper! 

I'm weeks behind in posting but will be posting soon on Cooper and Lily's acts of kindness soon!

 Lily was waiting for Coop to have a special Christmas breakfast!  They made family ornaments, too :)

Lily brought Coop a new Christmas cup and plate!

Coop fed a powdered doughnut to Lily, lol 

Cooper checking out the Christmas tree in his new boots!

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