Monday, January 4, 2010

V day

Cooper had his two month vaccinations today. Ugh, was that physically painful for Coop and emotionally painful for mommy! He took them like a champ though and only really cried when he was stuck....then mommy scooped him up and loved on him. After about a minute he looked up at me with tears still in his eyes but with a look of "I'm gonna be okay, mommy..." It was so hard to know that he was about to be in pain and those cries are still ringing in my ears!

He now weighs 9 pounds 1 ounce so he gained half a pound since last Monday. He continues to have bad reflux so he starts Zan.tac today to give him some relief. One day of shots down and Wednesday he gets his second Synagist shot which is what they give to preemies to ward off RSV.

I added a ticker to the right to show what Cooper's adjusted age is versus his chronological age. I can't wait to meet with the developementalist to hear what they have to say about his developement since he was born at 31 weeks. So, all of the advice that our ped gives us is what she would give to someone that has a 2 day old baby...

Here's a pic of the little guy :( He's wore out....

I love his onesie...he got the memo :)


  1. He is so cute!! So adorable!! So glad the vaccines went well. :)

  2. Aww he is just so adorable! V days never went well with me either but they are so much stronger than us, lol! Hugs to both of you ;0)

    (and yes HE IS THE BOSS!)XX

  3. He is just gorgeous. He weighs the same thing Ella weighed at her appointment last week. I love the shirt, too.

  4. I'm already preparing myself for when Asher has to get his shots in a few weeks -- how hard that day is for the Moms! Glad it went well!

    His shirt is precious! :o)