Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reflux is a b....

Ugh, we are still battling Cooper's reflux issues...I feel so badly for him because almost every bottle is a fight. He continues to cry, arches his back, and moves his head back and forth. He is two and a half months actual and 2 weeks adjusted and we are still only eating 2-2.5 ounces (the .5 is on a good day). Its extremely heartwrenching to watch your baby go through so much doing the most simplest of tasks. Feeding him should be the easy part of my day but I dread feeding times.

He is still on the Zantac twice a day which is supposed to take away some of the acid that comes up with the spit-up to give the poor guy some comfort. Still waiting on that to work. I contacted his doctor's office yesterday and they recommended give him some rice cereal in his bottle. Yeah, did it for one bottle and I won't be doing that one again. The doctor wanted us to put one tablespoon for every ounce...and, we actually just put one teaspon in 2 ounces because her orders seemed like a lot for such a small baby. Anyhow, we spent most of the night with a very tired but couldn't fall asleep because of stomach pains baby. It was terrible and I am still riddled with guilt.

We bought him a Nap.nanny which is supposed to help babies with reflux, colic, ear infections, and colds. The one positive is that he is sleeping more comfortably, as evidenced by the photos below...

Otherwise, I'm settling into mommyhood quite nicely. He is such a cuddle bug! We have our little rountine set and I feel blessed to be able to be at home with him all day.


  1. peighton's reflux is SO bad too...we did zantac. did nothing for her. her drs then started her on prevacid...made a world of difference! just a thought to maybe ask about...

    love the nap nanny, btw! and coooper is too cute!

    and yes, reflux is a b....

  2. We had to deal with reflux with our first. She was 6.5 weeks early. Had to give her Zantac for moths. She's 2.5 years now and 31 pounds. It sucks, I won't lie.

    Good luck!

  3. Aww I feel your pain! Gerard found it hard to be burped and he was on Prepulsid for a couple of weeks - which was great but I believe they don't prescribe that anymore. (Your situation is much more complicated...) I honestly feel for both of you and I wish I could be there to lend a hand. In the meantime I pray he gets better so both of you could enjoy feeding times. Lots of love and hugs xxxxx

  4. My son has milk allgery but did have the classic syptoms. I was told until he was 1 by 4 ped.Dr. that he had reflux.

  5. Alexandrea has pretty bad reflux, we were originally on the zantac, but then changed to prevacid, this made a huge difference but still did not help completely. We do the solutabs, when we first started we would disolve the pill with a few drops of water on a spoon and then put in the mouth, we have also tried the liquid which tasted nasty abd was a night mare to give to her,
    Now we just pop the pill in her mouth and she sucks on it, she does not mind.
    I too dreaded feedings, and some ways I still dread, as there are days when she still fights her feeds at 14 months but it has gotton so much better. Out of curiosity, what are you feeding him? is it BM or formula? if formula, which one? Are you fortifing?

  6. Awe, I am sorry you are going through that! He is looking big though!

  7. He's adorable in that nap.nanny, but I'm so sorry to hear about how rough it's been! I don't think I realized he had it so bad :( Hope you all can get some relief soon.

  8. Oh, he is soooo precious! I love that nap nanny.
    I'm sorry he has reflux. Makes for a tired baby and mommy. I hope you will find something that will bring relief for both of you.


  9. That nap nanny is awesome! I wish we had that for Maje. We had to burp the poor kid with a bath towel. I feel your pain!

    Cooper is adorable!

  10. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    God bless you