Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Relief *knock on wood*

Thank you to those that mentioned how well Preva.cid worked for your preemie because I spoke with Cooper's ped. and had his Zantac changed...and, I can tell a slight difference with his grimace and how he handles a spit-up episode. Not all of his symptoms cleared up though so after thorough research I decided to take him off his Neo.sure and onto a soy formula. I know, I know, we are preached at before we leave the NICU about how our preemies should be on Neo.sure (or until they are a year old. But, I had to weigh out how my baby was responding to the formula and it wasn't good. He has been on a soy formula for a week now and I see a 100% difference in Cooper. He is taking a bottle with such ease right now that he's almost a different baby. I don't know if he is allergic to milk-based formulas (all 3 of my neices were and had to be put on soy formulas) but something had to give and soy seemed like my safest bet until I can have him tested. I had spoken with his ped. 3 times about changing his formula because my gut was screaming to me that something just wasn't right but it seemed as if she wasn't fully listening to my, I sent her an e-mail last week about how I was changing him to a different formula. I worded it as if I wasn't asking her for permission anymore...You see, mommies are responsible for their healthcare but they're also responsible for their children's healthcare. So, that's what I did...I see her this Wednesday for a weight check so hopefully she'll be able to look at the situation as a fellow mother...she never responded to my
e-mail last week which is a seperate issue all together...

Cooper is 3 months old today! It's a blast being able to stay at home with him all day...we work on his tummy time (which I need to get a picture on here of) and he is starting to coo and stay up more during the day. He recognizes me and my hubby now which is so cute...he breaks out into the sweetest smile in the mornings. I'm debating moving him into his room in a couple of weeks...I feel strong right now but it may change as we edge closer to that time :)

Here are just a few pics for your Coop fix..

Mommy fixing Coop's hair...he is such a good sport :)

Coop with Lilybear (the bear that the hospital gave us when Lily died)
And, his "I'm getting to be a big boy" 3 month pic...


  1. He is so adorable Jen. :)

  2. What a happy little smile! I also love his man jeans!

    Way to go on going with your gut on the formula. I hope it works out for you and Cooper.

  3. good for you following your mommy's intuition!!

    i believe testing for a milk allergy is as simple as a stool sample but i could be wrong...

    just SO glad he is a happy baby again! i know you are just loving it!

  4. such a cutie! I'm glad the switch seems to be working for him :)

  5. What a good mommy!! If we don't advocate for our children...who will?? Just a stranger from Iowa that has faced many of these same struggles with baby loss, preemies, GERD and mommyhood after loss. You inspire me..hugs from Iowa.

  6. He is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats again.

  7. I love Zantac... relieves my babies heartburn, hope I can also take it to relieve my heartache! LOL Got it online at