Wednesday, February 3, 2010

100th post!

I started this blog when I found out that I was pregnant again...unexpectedly, therefore the title of my blog is the surprise rainbow. I don't believe in jinxing things (really) so I threw myself into this blog so that I could read back over the pregnancy and chronicle the baby's life when they arrived...Now, that baby, which we all know now as the marvelous Cooper, is 3 months old! I love both of my blogs but, of course, this blog has a different vibe because I come here to "talk" about my living child...

We went to his ped. today...was kinda dreading the appointment because I didn't really want to go off on her if she started to question my decision to change the appointment. I was prepared with all my reasonings but luckily for her (just joking!) she was okay with changing him to a soy formula. The only thing that she said that kinda irked me was that it was probably better to buy a cheaper formula anyways...uh, hello? The soy formula is only $1 cheaper than the Neo.sure..and, I would spend whatever amount if that was the right formula for him...whatever...

Cooper now weighs 11 pounds 11 ounces! There is a theory in the world of NICU's about "wimpy white boys"...there was a study done with 4 babies...1 african-american baby girl, 1 caucasian baby girl, 1 african-american baby boy, and 1 caucasian baby boy...I don't remember all the factors in the study but basically I listed out the order in which premature babies the ones that have better survival rates. You will see then that caucasian males are more likely to die when born prematurely...yeah, loved hearing this during one of the preemie parents dinners when Cooper was only 3 days old!

I do have to work on keeping Cooper more awake during the day though...He would sleep the whole day if I would let him. I feel like I have to torture him to keep him awake at times...Any suggestions of baby friendly ways to keep him more awake and active during the day? I sing to him and read to him, put him on his entertainer...well, maybe, he still is wimpy :)


  1. When Gavin was born, they kept talking about the wimpy white boy thing and it really annoyed me. A lot. Yes, he was 4 pounds when he was born 8 weeks early, and he was on a ventilator because he tore a hole in his lung. But it felt like putting that label on him was writing him off at only a few days old. Grr...still makes me mad, even though he's 7 months and 16 pounds now.

  2. Congrats on the 100th post but it's even better to see how well Cooper continues to grow :)

  3. He is doing awesome!!! I love the new pics. Now, when my kiddos would get sleepy while nursing, especially when they were jaundiced and we had to get them awake to feed, we would strip them down to their diapers to wake them up. Ok, I made hubby do it because I felt rotten for making them feel cold. Don't know if you want to go that route, but all of my kids were night owls and had their days/nights mixed up. They grew out of it within a couple of months. I wouldn't worry about it too much!!!

  4. Congrats on your 100th post. :)