Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cooper is not a fan...

of Santa.
We went to visit Jolly ole Nick on Sunday and let me just say that it was terrible! First off, stupid me didn't realize how popular Santa is...heck, I'm friggin 32 and this is my first kid so how was I to know that if you get there 5 minutes after Santa comes on deck that you have to wait an hour for a 3 minute sit on his lap?

Ugh, moving on...Cooper hated him from the word "go." We got one photo during a break during meltdown time when Santa started reading a coloring book to Santa.
Yeah, next year, we're totally rocking a weekday Santa visit! Mommy has learned her lesson!

(oh, and another thing, Santa wouldn't let me take one friggin second to pull Cooper's pant legs down so now he looks like he's wearing capri pants...Thanks a lot, Santa!)


  1. Yeah - the Santa visits somehow never go as we have imagined in our minds! Long waits, crying, it's all part it I guess - we'll laugh when we look back on it which will be just as good as perfect pictures!!

  2. We missed Santa so I let Ruby sit in his chair herself. Cooper is always dressed in such adorable clothes.

  3. I love it! He looks so adorable and formal - I love little boys in sweater vests!