Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One day...

We had a wonderful speaker at our MOPS meeting last week talk about fostering relationships with other women. It made me think a lot about what type a friend that I am to my friends. I know that I have a few girlfriends that are awesome and I would be proud if I were half as great as they are to me.

One of the relationships that she discussed was the one with our mother-in-laws. Now, I love my MIL (really!!!) but she's 77 and comes from a different school of mothering and being a wife than I do. She can't change how she was brought up and her views on womanhood and she can't help how they've changed over the decades. The speaker than said "imagine, how she must feel to be her son's favorite woman and then all of a sudden she's not..." Ouch!

As a mother to a little boy, I know that one day (Lord willing) Cooper is going to fall in love and...dare, I say it...leave me! Oh, just the thought makes me want to hurl. One day, I will be someone's mother-in-law! It made me think about how I've dealt with my relationship with mine and how I hope/want to be as one.

She did say that we should start praying TODAY about our children's future spouses. Our prayers for their safety in this world will prepare them to be healthy mates for our children. So, I'm going to start doing just that...

But, that's not going to stop me from reminding Cooper EVERY DAY that mommy was the very first woman that he's ever loved...and, probably the only one that will ever lose an organ for him...okay, just joking about the last part!

I really was!


  1. Ha ha ha!

    That is a daunting thought-knowing that we'll be mothers-in-law someday! Yikes! I hope I can be as wonderful as mine.

  2. I think Alice will LOVE you as a mother-in-law. :)

    Just kidding - this breaks my heart, too! The other thing is realizing that, someday in her teens, she's going to get mad at me and tell me she hates me. That makes me cry just thinking about it now...

  3. Definitely gave me something to think about. I have been trying with my MIL too but I think it is easier that we live thousands of miles away.

    I think I will try to get through this weekend (family pictures and her birthday party) and THEN start praying!

  4. Seriously....I started praying for Matthew's spouse the day they confirmed he was a boy! I begged him in my blog posts to bring home a good, Godly woman vice a hoochie mama! :)

    I do the same for Luke's...but all the while know that they will BOTH love me tons--my Luke because boys ALWAYS love their mamas and his girl because I will ROCK at being a mother-in-law.

    I've had good experience of what to do...and NOT to do.

    Just kidding. Sort of :)