Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cooper's new sandbox!

Cooper had such a good time playing in the sandbox at the park last week that we decided to buy him one for the backyard! He LOVES it already! This turtle sandbox is Little Ti.kes 30th anniversary edition and it's so cute! It has a little moat that goes around the turtle that you fill up with water and little toy turtles float around while he's playing. It also has a little dial that he can turn around so that the moat has a current to move around the perimeter of the turtle. Super cute and super fun for only $35! It's worth every penny to me :) All that our little backyard is missing is a swing which we will be getting very soon! We live in a townhouse so our backyard space is limited so we're trying to only put stuff that we know he loves...So, I think he'll be totally set up once we get the swing between his sandbox and his little pool.


  1. Aww, It's great! We're looking into getting LB one just like that, I think. He looks like he's having a great time in it :)

  2. That is really neat! Cooper will be all set up for summer fun! I loved his videos at the museum, too. I've heard before that it is a wonderful place for kids & I don't even live there! I think I have read about it in magazine lists of neat places to take your children.