Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Humbled heart

I have a humbled heart and tears in my eyes this morning! We've raised another $900 for Team Lily Angeline over the last 24 hours!!!! I'm speechless which is another miracle in itself! Our total team total is $1805!!!

I wondered at the beginning of our fundraising efforts if people would be "over" giving to our team this year since it's the third year that we've participated but God bless all of you that still love both our babies and give so generously of your hearts. You give for my babies but your donations also will give other families hope...hope for a healthy baby and hope to bring their baby home. Believe me, from a mother that has been on both ends of that spectrum, having the hope for the reality of bringing a healthy baby home is what sustained me!

Thank you. Gosh, the tears are now running down my cheeks! Love all of you!