Thursday, October 16, 2014

16 days until 5!

I spoke with Coop's teacher at school today about bringing in birthday cupcakes so his birthday is really coming up soon!  My throwback Thursday pic today was a pic of his homecoming from the NICU and it just seems so surreal that he's going to be 5!  I mean, people tell you that it goes fast but no one mentioned warp speed (sniff, sniff)

We meant a friend for lunch but first we needed to take some selfies...

Coop's drawings are getting more and more sophisticated!  I mean, he gave the dude a nose!  (He needs to work on the dude's legs or at least draw on some shoes, haha!)

Do you want to buy a snowman?  Yes, I'm putting that sentence to the tune from Frozen...

I really, really wanted Cooper to be Jack Skellington this year. I even pinned DIY costumes but he wasn't budging from being Super Mario for Halloween this year.  He's his own person so who am I to sway his decision?  He found the show on Netflix and loves it! 

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