Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our week!

This week has seriously zipped by!  It's a fun and busy week though!  Cooper's had early release at school and I've really appreciated that extra hour with him this week...

We enjoyed a nice walk on the trail which has become our daily ritual.  He's such an explorer and has no fears...I do though, so I have to keep myself together when he goes to grab the daddy longlegs, haha! 

10/21/14 I took Cooper to see a scarecrow exhibit and we had a picnic lunch! The weather was wonderful and some of our favorite friends met up with us so it was a perfect afternoon!


Cooper's school had a spirit night at CFA.  He's slowly getting over to his aversion of things on his head so he actually wore the cow hat!

Not always the correct way but whatevs...

I let Cooper chose the family pumpkin. There should be certain perks to being an only child and "pumpkin picker" is a perk!  It took him 45 minutes but he was having fun and I really had put an  hour down in my head mentally for the activity...

Another perk to being an only child and this was our first year doing this BUT we carved the pumpkin exactly how he drew it...We'll definitely be doing this every year! 

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