Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And, the beat goes on!

The birthday beat continues!  The round-up of our last couple of days...

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday so it was walker everything at our house!  We had zombie figures as our table centerpieces, a stuffed zombie as our dinner guests and zombie themed meals. It was tons of fun!   Cooper is obviously too young for the show but he still had fun throughout the day!

Me and my fellow walker stalker!


I had taken several funny pics of Cooper from yesterday but realized that he's wearing a tshirt with his school name on it. While I'm pretty much an open book, I hesitate to volunteer such identifying info...but, there's still his funny school pic to discuss!

Yeah, this is his school pic.  Seriously, he looks like he's in the 5th grade. Also, he looks angry.  I'm hopeful that picture retake day goes a lot better! 

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