Friday, November 28, 2014

5 year check-up!

I cannot believe that Cooper is 5 and how mature he's been getting lately.  We've dealt with a pretty serious case of doctor anxiety since he was about 2.  To be fair, he's had 2 MRIs, a CT scan, several genetic tests, several ER trips (Asthma), a week long hospitalization and 2 surgeries so I think a fear of doctors/nurses makes total sense.  But, homeboy walked into his 5 year well-check and rocked it!  His pediatrician retired so this was our first appointment with the new doctor which I had worried would makes things horrible but he loved the new doctor. He answered basic questions with yes/no (he's functionally non-verbal but his receptive language is perfect) and followed all the doctor's commands.  He even took the tongue depressor from the doctor and said "ahhh!" without being told.  He blew me away!  He even got two shots without any fear or tears. Seriously, I took him for frozen yogurt to celebrate because I was so relieved! 

Now, I just need to see if his fear of hair dressers is over too so that he can get a real haircut, haha! 

He's 3 feet 9 inches tall (86%)
He weighs 44 pounds (71%)
and, most importantly, perfectly healthy!

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