Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coop's last week as a 4 year old!

His birthday post is to follow but here are pics from his last week as a 4 year old!!


we went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 so here he's pretending to blow out fire...

Curious George Boofest is his favorite Halloween movie. He watched it a lot...

 Any activity turns into OT if you have them lay on their belly ;)  I sneak in therapy any way that I can!

I've been trying to do music time with him since our music therapy playdate. He enjoys it :) 

Cutest kid ever! 


 Our chilly and dark walk to school!

I brought cupcakes and stuff for a little birthday with his class! 

After school, I took him for a free spooky face pancake at IHOP

Trick or Treating! 

I blew up 200 balloons while he was at school and we put them in his room while he was sleeping so that he'd have a fun surprise when he woke up on his 5th birthday!! 

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